Alright, so here's the thing. With all of my roommates having moved out, and all my belongings being moved into the living room, I had an empty apartment to myself, all the time in the world, and a few promises to follow through with. What did I do? A shoot throughout the whole house, of course! An empty house is a treasure trove of backdrops and props for photographers, take note!

I really enjoyed shooting with Mia. Three main reasons for that. She's a good friend who provides good vibes always, she was a natural in front of the camera, and it was in a space where variables like lighting and background were something I could totally control.

Mia's a natural, a complete natural. From her hands, to her facial expressions, you can just tell she feels at home in front of the lens. A lot of the poses were actually just her sinking into these comfy positions naturally. Her secret? Apparently watching a lot of America's Next Top Model and taking selfies.


Bonus! Here's a picture of my talented assistant: Git Arstand.