Where do I start?

I was born in the Philippines, raised in Singapore, and I currently reside in Halifax, Nova Scotia where I'm a journalism student at The University of King's College.

Visual art is my main creative outlet. It exceeds photography and videography, and bleeds into all aspects of my life. It wasn't always that way, though. I was really into music in high school. I was in all the choirs, orchestras, and musicals my school had to offer.  

That changed when I went into my first year of University at King's.

I took the family camera (an old Nikon D5000) with me to capture my first year in University. In reality, it collected dust on the shelf; can you tell this was my calling? 

But then summer came and I was off to London for a month - I had to think of a way to keep in touch with my girlfriend, Morgan (who assists me in my shoots every now and then, God bless her soul). That's when I started a daily photo blog on Tumblr. 

I started picking up the camera more after that.

Some time passed and I got an email from my journalism program in December 2014, promoting this Sports Media Trainee Program put out by the World Curling Federation annually for one lucky student photojournalist. I decided I wanted it, but had never shot a single sports event in my life. So I got to work.

You should have seen me in the month of January. I'd sit through articles and articles of sports photography tips in the day time and then I'd freeze my fingers stiff at my University's hockey games, shooting with a five-year old camera in the worst lighting conditions you've ever seen in a hockey rink.

All that time in the arena I never thought I'd actually get the call, but I sent in my portfolio and forgot about the whole thing. A week passed and I found out I made the shortlist. I laughed it off. But then the week after, they called and I realized that there was a reason they called me over the 86 other applicants around the world.

Whatever that reason is, it's what keeps me going. Whatever that reason is, it's what keeps me up at 4 AM trying to finish an essay but instead be cleaning my camera gear while listening to that one song that Nikon uses for all their advertisements - plotting the next photograph. It's what drives me to go out and keep getting better at what a love doing best.

My name is Patrick Fulgencio, and I'm just getting started.